Here are a list of Reflexology FAQ’s I have been asked in the past.  Hopefully they will help you to decide if reflexology is for you.

What can I expect?

A deeply relaxing experience!  It can be a bit strange letting someone work your feet but the unfamiliarity is usually short lives as you unwind.  You will be made to feel comfortable in a reclining chair or massage table with pillows and blankets for the duration of the treatment.  If you are unable to lie please do let me know and the treatment can be adapted to your needs.

Whats should I wear?  Do I remain fully clothed?

Comfortable clothing is best.  Avoid tight waistlines and belts so you can wholly relax.  Apart from removing your shoes and socks, yes you remain clothed.

Does it hurt?

Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy.  For the most part it is very relaxing.  You may find there are one or two areas on your feet that are a little tender if they are imbalanced.  By working the reflexes the tenderness will subside.  Of course if there is any part of the treatment that you do not like or find uncomfortable please tell me and I will move away from that area or stop as necessary.

What information do you take during the consultation?

The information I gather allows me to build up a holistic picture of you and adapt the treatment to best suit your needs.  This includes information about your medical history, lifestyle and general health.  All information is kept confidential and is bound by Data Protection and GDPR.

I’m pregnant.  Can I have reflexology?

Congratulations!  Yes you can.  An additional questionnaire regarding your health and pregnancy is completed.  There are some reasons why reflexology would not be appropriate during pregnancy, but for the most part most ‘mums to be’ find it very relaxing and calming.

Will it tickle?

It is unlikely that you will find it tickly as reflexology is not a light pressure.  If however you do find it too tickly the pressure can be adjusted or we can use the hands instead.

I am a lower limb amputee.  Can I have reflexology?

Yes, you can.  Reflexology can be done on both the feet and the hands so treatments are adapted to the individual.

How will I feel afterwards?

Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question.  Everyone is different and their experiences are unique.  Most people feel relaxed and often report having slept well or reduced sensation of pain symptoms after a session.  You might feel lighter and full of energy.  You might feel like you have a common cold brewing, however this will be short lived and is a good indication that the treatment has had a positive effect for you.

Can you tell me what is wrong with me?

No.  Reflexologists do not diagnose.  Your feet may give an indication of areas that are congested and out of balance and I will be happy dices this with you after your session, but they are not a means of diagnosing. If you do have questions or concerns about a condition of symptom you should go and see your GP.

How often should I have reflexology?

Essentially you can have it as often as you like, however clients often choose to have a session every 4 – 6 weeks.  Depending on your reason for seeking complementary holistic therapies, you may wish to receive a treatment weekly or fortnightly initially then reduce the frequency to maintain balance and support wellbeing.  Of course some people will attend for a one-off treatment as a special treat of relaxation too to take a step back from their busy lives!  I am happy to discuss with you the best frequency for you to suit your needs.